Welcome to Aunt Vicki's

"Retirement is too boring!" I have decided to come out of retirement and have a new helper! She loves to top and bottom, very versatile! When I retired I destroyed all the paperwork so it would not fall into the wrong hands. If you wish to make an appointment please answer my questionnaire and mail to ovrmyknee2@aol.com

Aunt Vicki's Questionnaire

1. Tell me what excites you about spanking.

2. Were you spanked as a child?

3. Who spanked you?

4. How were you spanked?

5. How often do you think about spanking now?

6. Have you ever been spanked professionally? Please describe.

7. How much were you charged?

8. What about it did you enjoy the most?

9. What about it did you enjoy the least?

10. What is your ideal spanking scenario?

11. What is your preferred position? Implements?

12. Do you like to role-play or be spanked for real life offenses?

13. What besides spanking are you curious about? I am into spanking only but would like to make it as real as possible for you.

Most Important!

14. DISCRETION: Discretion is a must, for both of us! I must have your REAL NAME, CONTACT NUMBER, and a brief BACKGROUND (age, height/weight, marital status, career, etc.) before I invite you into my home, for safety's sake. (Do NOT forget this part!)

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