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Movie #1: (F/M) ($35.00): VHS ONLY

1. Old School: Don't be late, or seal your fate! One young man was late to class 3 times and Principal Aunt Vicki won't tolerate it. It starts with three swats with the school paddle on his bare bottom, and a lot more to drive the point home. But it doesn't stop there: She takes him across her knee and gives him "what for." "What for?" Whining!

2. The Wait: Aunt Vicki waited all night long, and now he'll sing a different song! Aunt Vicki's nephew stayed out all night, worrying Aunt Vicki. And when he does come home he's DRUNK and mouthy to her. Not a healthy combination! He thinks it's funny until she breaks out her paddle, and uses it to break his... will.

3. Clean Up Your Act: Didn't clean the kitchen? That deserves a switchin'! But in this case a good dose of the strap will have to do... A LONG, HARD strapping on her nephew's bare bottom. When she's through, there's more than just his face that's bright red!

4. Surfin' @ work: Not doing work, and looking at porn? With this boss you'll wish you were never born! When Aunt Vicki is your boss you get the added "benefit" of her personal "Addiction Counseling" and it's VERY effective! She uses more paddles than you can shake a stick at, and one bottom feels them all. It finishes with a warning "if it happens again" that will send shivers up your spine!

Movie #2: Lessons With Aunt Vicki ($35.00): DVD or VHS

1. Bad Rap (FF): "Late for curfew? Just where were you?" Emily comes home well after curfew and is confronted by Aunt Vicki. Not knowing Aunt Vicki's questions were a test of her honesty (because Aunt Vicki has spies everywhere) she lies about where she was. It's only then that Aunt Vicki tells her she knows where she's been, and that she was seen smoking. Aunt Vicki bares Emily's bottom and uses her hand and several paddles to teach her that honesty is the best policy, and soon Emily's OTHER end is smoking!

2. The Ticket (FM): A ticket in Aunt Vicki's car? Who the heck do you think you are?! Hey, people do get tickets. But the smart ones don't try to hide them from Aunt Vicki! The mail always comes before your court date, and by that time Aunt Vicki's nephew will have to refuse the first order from the court: "Be seated."

3. Betty Boop (FF): "You broke my doll, Emily? Now you'll go across my knee!" Emily breaks one of Aunt Vicki's "don't touch" Betty Boop collector's dolls, and earns a good paddling. But what's that Aunt Vicki sees when she takes down Emily's pants? A thong! The once rebellious Emily learns quickly that the benefits of good behavior far outweigh the consequences of disobedience.

4. Family Affair (FF, MF): She put her daughter on the stage? THAT brings out Aunt Vicki's rage! When Aunt Vicki finds out her niece is being coerced into stripping on stage by her mother, she is livid! Both mom and niece get the bare bottom treatment they deserve, mom for telling her to and niece for listening. Suddenly the father comes in and catches Aunt Vicki in the middle of spanking them. Will he defend his wife's honor and spank Aunt Vicki? WHAT DO YOU THINK HE IS, CRAZY? No, he sides with Aunt Vicki, and adds his own two cents to the cost of their poor choices.

5. Super Hero (FM/FEMDOM): His very name must be concealed, lest all his powers be revealed! Vying for his power, a cruel mistress from the dark side seduces "Super Hero" with bondage and domination. Aunt Vicki comes to his rescue, but is it too late? A touch of levity in a BDSM theme makes this a "must have" film for your "Aunt Vicki" library.

Movie #3: Aunt Vicki And Her Boys (F/M) ($25.00): DVD or VHS

1. Chores: "You didn't do your chores," she said, "so now I'll turn your bottom red!" Aunt Vicki's nephew wants to borrow money for the movies. But when Aunt Vicki confronts him about not doing his chores he talks back to her (YES! He really did!). Several paddles and a hair brush on his bare bottom teach him the error of his ways, and since he can't sit for the movie he might as well mow the grass!

2. Sneaking Out: Trying to sneak out on your chores ain't smart, 'cause Aunt Vicki's temper is as big as her heart! Paddles, strap, hairbrush, and Aunt Vicki's favorite: The Strap! Now he'll be good... Right after the cane, wooden spoon, and one more paddling! With his bottom bared, he learns quickly that a repeat offense = NO defense!

3. Eat Your Broccoli: She says "Yes," he says "No". She says "Spank," he says "So?" Obviously not a candidate for a job at the U.N. because he just started a war he can't win! Does he learn anything? No! In the middle of one of his paddlings he calls Aunt Vicki "hardheaded," which really gets her dander up. He finally agrees to eat his broccoli to end his torment, but then refuses again! Hmmm... What was that thing about a "repeat offense"? Oh yeah! And THIS time, he'll remember!

Movie #4: Aunt Vicki And Her Boys And Girls ($35.00): DVD or VHS

1. Panty Play (FM/FF/MF): "Messing with MY underwear? Now you'll get it on the bare!" A male and female cousin visiting Aunt Vicki decide to try on Aunt Vicki's "Private Stock". Each blames the other, so BOTH must pay! Hand, a myriad of paddles, and the dreaded birch turn their bare bottoms a brighter shade of red than the unmentionables they were trying on. They're soon promising never to go into Aunt Vicki's room ever again. But then Aunt Vicki announces the coup de grace: under Aunt Vicki's watchful eye, they must spank each other!

2. Naughty Student (FF): Break any of Aunt Vicki's school rules, and get spanked with some really cruel tools! Daddy's money won't get her out of this one! Especially when the sign on Aunt Vicki's door says, "Cane and Paddle bring Pain to the Saddle." We may never know what she did, but she'll never do it again!

3. Squabbling Cousins (FM/FF/MF): "Maybe when your bottom's red, you'll learn to play nice instead!" Fighting and tattling lead to both these cousins getting punished by their Aunt Vicki. She spanks each, then both, then watches them spank each other, "And it better be a good one!" Even if it wasn't bare bottom, you would have known the color of the day is crimson!

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