I believe in loving discipline and caring correction but I am not lenient.

I am a very experienced spanker who loves to role-play. And while I see nothing wrong with it, I am not into the Mistress/slave scene. I only do scenarios where I am the disciplinarian in the roles of Strict Aunt, Mother, Teacher, Headmistress/Principal, Governess, etc. I am not a sadist, but I know how to administer a good, old fashioned spanking.

I use the over-the-knee position as well as a spanking stool and other positions. I have a large collection of spanking implements that include hairbrushes, all types of paddles, leather straps, belts and tawse's, canes, crops, rulers, wooden spoons and more.

I can give anything from a mild spanking and scolding to very severe punishment. This is a part of my life that comes naturally to me. I have been a disciplinarian all my life, starting with helping to raise my brothers and sisters and raising my own children. I am very believable in all roles requiring a firm, no-nonsense, strict disciplinarian as well as those which require a caring, understanding demeanor. I do enjoy spanking a naughty bottom.

When you have a spanking session with me you will certainly feel you have been punished. I also like to scold and lecture naughty boys and girls, both before and during the spanking. I use corner time and humiliation if your particular scenario calls for it.